Ingenieurb├╝ro Bassem Yahya

Electronic development and consalting
The ACD pro products are very innovative products for high proficient slot racing
The ACD dual and ACD pro slot car controller families are designed to fit the needs of the professional and standard racers.
The contact less triggering mechanism and the state of the art electronic makes this controller families reliable and nearly service free.
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Digital slotracing
The ACD dicon Digital system for slotcars is a high speed system well desigend for proffesionals and semi profeesional user.
On the market there are many systems. Why ACD dicon?
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The ACD pro brake adapter prevents the fluctuation of the voltage on the power supply. This adapter may be connected directly to the ACD pro controller or to the power supply it self.
Accsessories for Motor Testing and time measurment
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Analog slotracing
Plug and play controller for direkt connection to the D132 or D124
(Digital systems of the Carrera corporation)
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ACD Cplus controller compatible with D132 / D124
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