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Electronic development and consalting
ACD dicon: A digital slotcar System for upgrading
The ACD dicon digital system is able to upgrade nearly any analog track for digital use. Our special lane change components made it easy to upgrade wood and plastic tracks. The upgrade includes the dual or even the simultaneous working of analog and digital
Compared to other systems the ACD dicon gives the best analog feeling while driving digital. This feeling is maintained even with the best tuned cars with high speeds motors. All well known adjustments of the ACD pro techniques are available. The ACD dicon hand controller is fully equipped as the ACD pro controller family
The current rating of the main unit (BB) is very high. The special ACD dicon technique withstands high current short circuit on the track without damage. The main unit is designed for the practice
The decoder Chips are small enough to be mounted in most cars but includes as much parts to fulfil all requirements. This allow the decoder to apply the very effective ACD braking technique also for the digital mode.
General description of the system
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